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Maguire takes his readers into the many broken minds of his various characters with a realism rarely seen, blurring the lines between psychopathology and plain evil.

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A madman with a god complex. A trail of bodies with no end in sight. Can a psychologist stop the murder spree before he’s the next victim?

Dr. Bryce Davison still struggles for normalcy since his brush with death. After surviving with a throbbing scar as a souvenir, the specialist finds himself on speed dial for a defense attorney with a new client in need of an evaluation. But when he takes the referral, he’s shocked to discover the drunk who assaulted a cop is Amish.

With his immediate assessment exposing a young man bottled up with rage, the doctor has grave fears for the family’s safety. And as he realizes how far down the road of instability his subject has driven the buggy, Bryce knows he’s studying his worst nightmare–a developing homicidal maniac.

As wanton depravity overflows into violent fury, can he defend himself from a killer intent on bloody vengeance?

Rumspringa is the second book in the gripping Broken Minds psychological thriller series. If you like resilient heroes, brutal psychopaths, and high-stakes conflict, then you’ll love Lee Maguire’s riveting nail-biter.

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