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About Me

Lee Maguire is a lifelong reader of mysteries with a similar interest in writing. While continuing to enjoy legal thrillers (e.g., Grisham) and suspense thrillers (e.g., Baldacci, Finder), Lee’s passion for psychology, and a longstanding career in that field (psychotherapist, consultant, evaluator), with a particular interest in clinical hypnosis, writing psychological thrillers has become his focus. With five books out in The Broken Minds Thriller series, Lee’s passion and experience come alive in the character of Dr. Bryce Davison.

The psychology of words

“Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its old magical power even today. With words one man can make another blessed, or drive him to despair; by words the teacher transfers his knowledge to the pupil; by words the speaker sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth effects and are the universal means of influencing human beings.”

Sigmund Freud, A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis