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A fantastic page-turner, Closer Than You Think satisfied my brain in so many ways. This psychological thriller had me thinking about the who, what, why, when, and how all the way through. With its cast of brilliant characters led by Dr. Bryce Davison, it was difficult to determine who the mystery stalker was.

Reviewed By: Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review

Something is amiss…Doctor Bryce Davison is a psychologist. His work, helping others, provides a respite from the dysphoria that troubles him in other settings. But cracks are beginning to appear in his psyche. He’s troubled by events from his past–one, years ago, and one, more recent. And if that’s not bad enough, his marriage is on the rocks. He’s finding it more challenging to get through his days. Depression, anxiety, loss, and grief are the companions surrounding him each day, and nights are the worst.

Bryce understands he must deal with his emotions, work through the difficulties. But, then, out of the blue, other things begin to happen. Unnerving things–a scent on a pillow. Cryptic email messages. Phone calls. Items out of place. The sense of being watched or followed.

Does Bryce have a stalker? Or has sensitivity crossed into paranoia? The things happening to him seem inconsequential; they can be explained away. Instances that most people wouldn’t take seriously. But as the days go by, and the threats become more palpable, Bryce knows he’s in trouble. Worse, others are targeted–a troubled patient in the residential treatment center; Bryce’s elderly mother.

Lives are at stake, including his. Can he get it together and save those close to him? Or will others die before Bryce becomes the final victim?

If you’re a fan of suspense thrillers with a psychological emphasis (including some mystery and crime thrown in), consider¬†Closer Than You Think. If you’re a fan of Jonathan Kellerman, Stephen White, and Sarah Lovett, you’ll enjoy this book. This book is also for those who enjoy cerebral mysteries.

Fans of psychological thrillers like IAm Watching You by Teresa Driscoll, Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine, and No Exit by Taylor Adams will love this book.

You will enjoy Closer Than You Think if you like:
Psychological thrillers
Psychological suspense
Cerebral mysteries