Nicholas Sparks, Mary Lawson, and Jodi Picoult

I submitted my second book, Rumspringa, for a unique computer analysis that compares a segment of my writing to other popular books in print. This analysis looks at four different categories: Authorial Vocabulary, Expressive Complexity, Grammar, and Tonal Quality.

The top three matching titles were The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks, Road Ends, by Mary Lawson, and Leaving Time, by Jodi Picoult. These books differ in genres from Rumspringa (thriller). The Sparks book is classified as Romance, the Lawson books as Literary, and the Picoult book as Women.

Rumspringa matched Sparks on Tonal Quality at 96%, the Lawson book at 91%, and The Picoult book at 94%. Grammar was matched at 77% with Sparks, 98% with Lawson, and 99% with Picoult. Expressive Complexity was matched at 91% with Sparks, 94% with Lawson, and 92% with Picoult. These three categories were the highest levels matched.

Still working at getting Rumspringa ready to release. I’ll provide updates as the process moves toward completion!

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