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Book two of the Dr. Bryce Davison thriller series is in the hands of my editor. This submission marks an exciting and challenging time. It’s exciting, because many hours of plotting, planning, writing, rewriting, washing, and repeating, are completed.

It’s challenging, because I have to await the response from the editor. That will lead to more revision and a back-and-forth process. I didn’t know what to expect with Closer Than You Think, as everything was new and different. I know more about the process now, but I’m sure I will continue to learn more with each book.

I’m also excited to tell you more about book two, the working title of which is Rumspringa.  Rumspringa is a time of “running around” for adolescents in some Amish communities, a time when they experienced increased freedom. The end result may be that these youth are baptized into the church or leave the community.

In Rumspringa, Bryce deals with the aftereffects from his intense experiences described in Closer Than You Think. He is seeing patients in private practice, which introduces him to individuals with varied backgrounds and therapy needs. I’ll say more about that in the future.

Some familiar characters are present in Rumspringa, most notably Bryce, his mother, Vicki, Lt. Dean, and Maegan. And, of course, Max.

As you may have seen from my home page, I continue to enjoy books by Jonathan Kellerman, centered around his Dr. Alex Delaware character. Other writers who have each had a thriller series with a psychologist main character include Stephen White and Sarah Lovett.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

In the meantime, get your thrills on!